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The Townhouse

  • CustomerThe Townhouse
  • Interior DesignerNovo Design
  • LeatherOld English Burgundy, Hemmingway Clover Leaf

The Townhouse, formerly known as The Royal Hotel, has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming a vibrant hub of casual dining and entertainment that caters to guests seven days a week. Working closely with the exceptional team at Suburban Inn’s, Novo Designs has breathed new life into a stunning listed building in Sutton Coldfield. The refurbishment of this historic building has been a resounding success, with the introduction of texture, pops of colour, and striking artwork adding to its charm and character. The designers have ensured that every corner of The Townhouse offers something special.

The Lounge, Bar, Club Room, and The Yard have all been carefully designed with modern aesthetics and contemporary attention to detail. With each space having its own unique atmosphere, providing guests with a variety of experiences to suit their mood and preferences. Central to the design of The Townhouse is the use of high-quality materials, including leathers from Crest. The seating throughout the hotel features Old English Burgundy and Hemmingway Clover Leaf, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the space.

The Club Room, true to its name, offers a 100-capacity function space perfect for private parties and events. With its rich, decadent colors, dedicated bar, and DJ facilities, it provides an exclusive setting for guests to celebrate special occasions in style. Outside, The Yard is a vibrant and eclectic space that comes alive. Covered in graffiti and featuring an in-house menu served from a converted shipping container, The Yard offers guests a unique dining and entertainment experience.