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What is Semi-aniline leather?

Semi-aniline leather is a type of leather that has been dyed with soluble dyes, similar to aniline leather, but with a slight protective finish or light surface coating added.


But what actually makes it so versatile?

The slight protective finish or light surface coating applied to semi-aniline leather during the production process may include a small amount of pigment or a clear finish. This light coating provides durability and resistance to stains and fading while still retaining much of the natural look and feel of aniline leather.  This duality of natural hand-feel and character but with strength and durability means semi-aniline leather can be incredibly versatile.


So where can semi-aniline leather be used?

When leather is used in high traffic commercial venues or public spaces, a pigmented leather can often be specified due to its protected nature. Similarly, characterful aniline leathers are generally more likely to be used where a more characterful leather is required, where there is less footfall and product care is more easily maintained. As semi-aniline leather is both protected and full of character it’s suitable for a much wider selection of venues and applications ranging from bars, restaurants, cafes, office environments, car interiors and of course residential furniture.


Explore our range of semi-aniline leathers and get inspired with some of our case studies;



Altara is a semi-aniline leather that features an extended milling effect that highlights the peaks of the grain and creates subtle undertones that blend with the topcoat. Finished in Italy with state-of-the-art technology and timeless craftsmanship, Altara is classically chic with a broad range of soft and muted colours.

At Sofas by Saxon, they handcraft each sofa from scratch, combining decades of expertise, passion, and talent to create one-of-a-kind showpieces that make your house a home. This remarkable classic, upholstered in Crest’s Altara premium leather range, brings any residential project to life with its soft backing, and deep tufted buttons.

Sofas by Saxon.



A good looking, characterful semi-aniline finished hide with true quintessential appeal. An instant classic, adding charisma and artisan charm, a sure winner for all types of upholstery. Saloon is produced on top selection hides.

The interior of a vintage Chevrolet has been entirely transformed by a skilled team, with Crest’s Saloon Whiskey leather playing a pivotal role in the project. This overhaul readies the vehicle for further adventures on the road. Therefore, bringing a blend of classic style and modern comfort.

Vintage Chevrolet.



Austen is made on high quality raw hides which have been tanned and lightly buffed to achieve a soft semi-aniline feel. A slight two-tone effect is evident and is achieved by using a combination of pigments and dyes. Some marks and scars will be evident, which add to this leathers character.

Stepping into OKA, guests are greeted by the unmistakable charm of Crest’s Austen Malbec and Austen Umber leathers. The banquette bench, adorned in a deep red wine leather, instantly catches the eye. It’s not only an inviting place to sit, but also a stunning design element that perfectly embodies OKA’s luxurious ambiance.

OKA Marylebone.



This leather has a remarkable velvety finish and a gentle waxy touch. With a look of a nubuck leather but the performance of a semi-aniline product this latest range is proving to be a new statement piece. This new genre of leather has been uniquely designed and developed by Crest Leather.

The Chesterfield sofa, with its distinctive silhouette and quintessential British design, is an iconic piece in interior decor. Upholstered in Crest’s luxurious Tempesta premium leather, this project enhances any residential project, as it exudes timeless charm and elegance.

Sofas by Saxon.