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Meet Vele: The high-performance leathers from Crest!

Introduction to Vele:

Vele has long been an admired Crest Leather range. Developed in collaboration with leading design experts, its vibrant array of colours, achieved through a pigmented topcoat, aligns with contemporary design trends.

These hides boast exceptional durability and light fastness, ensuring easy maintenance and long-lasting performance.


Characteristics of Vele:

The quality and characteristics of leather are largely determined by the raw material used during production. Our Vele range is crafted from European bovine hides which are renowned for their premium quality.

Using the widely adopted and sustainable method of chrome tanning, the hides undergo a robust process that produces leather which is durable and has lightfast properties. Each hide in our Vele range averages 5.11 square meters (55 square feet) in size and has a thickness of 0.9 to 1.0 millimetres, making this range ideal for various applications.

Additionally, the pigmented finish ensures a uniform appearance while providing a protective layer against everyday wear and tear.



From soft hues to classic shades, the high performance Vele range offers a diverse selection of over 75 colours, making it ideal for a wide variety of different applications, including automobiles and furniture.


Crib 5 Compliant:

The Vele range also complies with Crib 5 standards (‘Ignition Source 5’ or ‘BS 5852 Crib 5’), a rigorous test used in the UK to evaluate the fire resistance of upholstered furniture. This assessment is especially crucial for furniture in settings like hotels, hospitals, and other public spaces, where strict fire safety regulations are vital.


Customer Reviews & Testimonials:

Our expansive Vele range has been used for upholstery for thousands of projects worldwide, most notably;

  • Inca:

Inca offers a premium dining experience in the heart of London, seamlessly combining exquisite cuisine with captivating theatrical performances. The designers selected our top-quality Vele Caprera and Vele Medallion leathers to ensure guests’ comfort and enjoyment throughout their dining experience.

  • The Orange Tree:

Additionally, The Orange Tree is an iconic Grade II listed building in Cheshire that was acquired to restore the Georgian charm. This project showcases our Vele Visage leather, creating a vibrant venue that respects the building’s history and character.

Below, you’ll find a compilation of other projects that serve as inspiration, showcasing the application of our high-quality Vele range:


Learn from our satisfied customer who praised our high performance Vele range – their ongoing support is a testament to its exceptional quality!

Stephen Yardley, Senior Interior Designer;

“We were excited to collaborate with such vibrant and luxurious leathers from Crest’s Vele range for The Orange Tree project in Cheshire. Vele Visage adds depth and character to this project, perfectly complementing the overall aesthetic we aimed to achieve!”


What are you waiting for?

Now that you’re familiar with our premium quality Vele range, it’s time to start benefiting from our materials!

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