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There is an assumption that Aniline leather is just used for projects wanting a traditional look and feel… this is why you’re wrong!

Aniline leather refers to leather that has undergone a dyeing process, resulting in a translucent finish that allows the leather’s inherent grain and texture to show through. This type of leather is typically a higher cost but a superior quality.

It is an ideal option for individuals seeking a natural, high-quality traditional leather aesthetic with a natural and luxurious feel, provided they are willing to invest additional effort in its care and maintenance.


Aniline Leather: A Versatile Material

There is often a misconception that Aniline leather is not versatile, however this is far from the truth! From restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars and cafes the versatility of Aniline leather allows the material to be a perfect choice for a wide range of projects requiring a premium and characterful aesthetic.

Studies show that less than 5% of all raw hides are premium enough to become Aniline leather, demonstrating the high quality nature of the raw material used.

In the correct environment, the material can appear exceptional and greatly elevate a project. While you may assume that aniline is solely suitable for traditional projects, think again. By not utilising this beautiful material, you are overlooking its potential. Below we provide several example where Crest’s Aniline leathers have been seamlessly integrated into diverse projects…



Aniline leather is loved within the residential industry as its provides a luxurious and characterful appearance. Whether it’s a Chesterfield sofa, or a contemporary lounge chair, Aniline leather makes any project look stylish, modern or classic.

Barclay Interiors, is a London based interior design studio, renowned for their innovative and timeless designs for private residential clients and global boutique hotels. They recently worked on a Barn Conversion renovation in Berkshire, installing sensational separate seating and dining areas. Upholstered with Crest’s Old English Olive, Newcastle Burgundy, and Newcastle Green leathers, they beautifully suited the original beams, as well as a homely entertainment room.

“The Old English Olive Aniline leather upholstered in Crest chairs has been used in this English Barn Conversion project for over five years, the material has been widely admired for their durability and classic look, perfectly complementing the warm and inviting atmosphere curated by Barclay Interiors!” – Sarah Barclay, Creative Director.

The leathers by Crest are known for their premium quality and timeless appeal, making them a perfect match for Barclay’s design philosophy. The extensive range of colours and textures allows for a wide variety of creative possibilities, which allowed Barclay Interiors to craft a bespoke interior that reflected the unique preferences and personalities of their clients.



Aniline leather finds its place within restaurants as a long-lasting and stylish material for seating options. Whether it’s cosy booths, elegant dining chairs, or chic bar stools, aniline leather enhances the mood of dining spaces with its appearance and comfort. Its ability to withstand frequent use makes it an ideal choice for busy environments, whilst its natural beauty adds a touch of sophistication too.

The versatility of this leather finish allows it to adapt to various restaurant styles, from fine dining establishments to small casual cafe’s, it offers both an style and practicality for guests to enjoy their dining experience.

Burger & Lobster’s recent locations in Soho and Leicester Square boast modern interiors, thanks to the designers who supplied the spaces. Upholstered in Crest’s Old English Burgundy and Old English Smoke leathers, the areas blend traditional style with a contemporary aura.

“Crest Leather’s expertise and vast collection of leathers, colours, and finishes made them the perfect choice for our project with Burger & Lobster. They were on point to make sure the dye and quality of the leather used in the upholstery was consistent throughout the rollout of the London and USA sites!” – Shammi Chauhan, Purchasing Project Manager.


BrewDog are most notably known for being extremely edgy, alternative, and cutting edge, which is why Crest takes immense pride in being the chosen leather supplier for their outpost in Ealing. We ensure our leather ranges are not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing, as our Old English Hazel and Newcastle Steel leathers are firm favourites among BrewDog designers, who have incorporated these aniline leathers into their projects.

How could we overlook our Brunel Walnut range featured in the Alpha Group office in central London? Alpha Group, a London-based company specialising in foreign exchange services for clients ranging from private individuals to global corporations, demonstrates the versatility of our leather. This project showcases how our material brings exceptional quality, and durability to their office space.

The designers at Alpha Group selected our hand-buffed Brunel range for its stylish aesthetic, making it ideal for their banquette, booth, and huddle space seating. The rich, warm tones of the leather lend an air of sophistication to the environment, while the hand-buffed finish adds a touch of luxury and refinement.

Moreover, the choice of our Brunel Walnut leather helps to create a functional workspace that withstands the demands of daily use.

Beyond aesthetics, the choice of leather contributes to a better working environment by enhancing comfort and durability. Its supple texture ensure that employees and visitors alike experience comfort throughout the day, promoting productivity and well-being. This thoughtful integration of aesthetics and functionality demonstrates Alpha Group’s dedication to creating a workspace that merges practicality with style, setting a standard for excellence in their industry.


It’s time to take action:

From eye catching vibrant hues, to unique textures that add depth and character, Crest offers the perfect selection of over 100 Aniline colours to bring your vision to life! Whether you’re looking for bold and striking colours or subtle and sophisticated textures, we have the options for you to ensure your project truly stands out.

Explore our range of finishes today and unleash your creativity!